Christmas Club

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We want to help you save for the most joyful time of the year.

Like a lot of us, you may need help saving for Christmas. Everyone wants to have a gift for every person in the family, but if you don’t start putting money away early, you may not have the budget when the holiday season rolls around. Members of Tangipahoa Parish Teachers’ Credit Union have the ability to opt-in for the Christmas Club which is a savings account that allows you to put money away year round and it is disbursed to you in time for shopping.

At TPTCU, we want to offer our members an easier way to save for Christmas. If you are a TPTCU member, or eligible to become one, contact us today to find out more about our Christmas Club Accounts.

Christmas Club Accounts

$25.00 and Over

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield

Christmas Club Accounts are fixed-rate accounts. Rates quoted are declared by the Board of Directors of the Credit Union and are subject to change without notice. Dividends are calculated based on an average daily balance for the quarter and are posted to your account quarterly.

The dividend period is a calendar quarter. The minimum balance for Christmas Clubs to earn dividends is $ 25.00. The entire balance of your Christmas Club will be disbursed during the first week in October.

If you withdraw any of the account balance prior to October 1, we will close your account and you will receive the account balance minus a $5.00 early closing fee. You will then be ineligible to have a Christmas Club account the following year.

Tangipahoa Parish Teachers’ Credit Unions’ Christmas Club Accounts are variable rate accounts. TPTCU may change the dividend rate for your account as determined by the credit union Board of Directors. Dividends earned are posted and compounded quarterly. Applicable fees and conditions could reduce the earnings on your account. Early withdrawal fees apply.

Truth in Savings Disclosure

Interested in Becoming a Member?

Founded on the basic democratic premise of the cooperative movement, credit unions believe that access to low-cost financial services is critical to the health and stability of ordinary citizens. At TPTCU we offer memberships to full-time, permanent employees of Tangipahoa Parish School System or SLU.

Are you a direct relative of a current TPTCU member?
You may qualify to become a member too! Contact our offices to learn more.

There are 4 requirements for opening a share account:

  • Driver’s license or passport (Birth certificate for minors only)
  • Social Security Card
  • Proof of full-time employment with Tangipahoa Parish School System or SLU or your relationship status
  • $26.00(cash/check)-No Debit cards